We offer top-quality agitators and mixers for liquid or dry materials, including our own line of stand-alone PharMix mixers/agitators. DCI, Inc. manufactures custom-engineered and designed agitators and mixers for any:

  • Size
  • Viscosity
  • Agitation duty
  • Service condition

Our agitation design eliminates the need for couplings or assemblies in the product zone, saving you time and hassle.

We also install 3A-agitators that are CIP cleanable for the food and dairy industries. Regardless of how simple or complex your requirements are, our master-quality engineers will design a system with your specific application in mind.

These innovative new agitators represent the next generation in quality, performance, clean-ability, and value. Bring us your most challenging mixing requirements and DCI, Inc.’s long experience serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry will work for you.