DCI, Inc. COVID19 – Update 4/28/20

DCI, Inc. Remains Open At 100% Capacity To Serve Your Needs

During these challenging times DCI, Inc. would like to keep the lines of communications open to all of our customers. We will be providing updates throughout the next few months, our goal is to keep the information flowing to help support you and your businesses.

On April 10th, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz extended the Stay-At-Home Order as part of the state’s continuing effort to address the COVID-19 pandemic. This order will stay in effect until Monday, May 4th.

DCI, Inc. is closely following the guidance of the US Center for Disease Control, the Minnesota Department of Health, and the World Health Organization for social distancing, and for sanitation requirements. We have implemented the following measures:

  • Operating with minimum office staff by using our work at home technology since March 16th
  • Continuously updating our organization on the COVID-19 situation by sending out daily update emails and posting educational posters throughout the facility
  • Implemented a more thorough daily cleaning routine by wiping down frequently touched surfaces: Meeting rooms, door handles, and lunchroom areas. In addition, we also have sanitizing wipes and sanitizing stations throughout the office and shop areas
  • Taking the temperature of employees when they arrive at work every day to ensure they are healthy
  • Restricting entry to our facility to essential personnel such as delivery and truck drivers and service personnel. They must have their temperatures taken and sign off that they have not been exposed to the COVID-19 virus
  • Continuing providing PPE for all our manufacturing employees

DCI, Inc. has implemented many precautionary measures to ensure we are doing everything possible to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and keep our factory operating at full capacity.

Our commitment is to support your business by meeting your needs for pressure vessels, tanks, integrated systems, parts, components, and related services that DCI, Inc. provides.