Field Fabrication

Onsite Fabrication BuildDCI can bring the highest skill levels and most up-to-date technology direct to your site! DCI Field Fabrication is a specialty field fabricator and erector of stainless steel tanks, pressure vessels, evaporators, columns and equipment for use in the dairy, food, grain, ethanol, chemical, beverage, wine, and brewing industries.

Our field fabrication and service group is an experienced team of field specialists in stainless steel, carbon steel, and other alloy materials who supply prompt and responsive service to meet your requirements. They offer field fabricated tanks and vessels of any size tank up to one million gallons.

DCI Field Fabrication maintains heavy duty construction equipment and qualified field erection crews, which they will bring right to your jobsite. We will partner with your contractors, so you can continue operating as usual, without disruption to your plant operations and other construction programs.

Whether you need new construction, a plant expansion, or on-site tank demolition, DCI’s many years of experience manufacturing the highest-quality tanks and process equipment makes DCI your true single-source supplier to achieve all your process tank needs.

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