Prior to the fabrication process, the examination of key engineering elements is crucial. Such elements include:

  • Vessel design and construction
  • Mixing & Agitation, other component design and fabrication
  • Material knowledge on special alloys such as Duplex, AL6XN®, Inconel® & Hastelloy®
  • Product contact surface finishes
  • Heating and cooling data/requirements
  • Other required current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations (cGMP)

DCI products are engineered with industry-leading technical sophistication. Our well-earned reputation for industry knowledge, technological aptitude and general product excellence lends confidence to customers faced with very specific, often non-standard specifications. We will be happy to serve your fabrication-to-match specifications and anything else you need.


  • ASME Section VIII, Div. 1
    • ASME Pressure Vessel Code - "U" and "UM" Stamps
  • National Board - "R" Stamp
  • 3A Authorization (01-, 22-, 24-, 25-, and 32-)
  • cGMPs
  • API 620 and API 650
  • Underwriters Lab (UL)
  • PED/CE