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Tanks Quote Request

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General Tank Specifications


Quantity Capacity US Gallons

Tank Configuration

Additional Description


Indoor Outdoor
Alcove No Yes
Wall Thickness
Additional Description (high & low ambient temperature, clean room, special alcove requirements, ets.)

Dimension Restrictions

Maximum Height Maximum O.D. No Restrictions

Product Contact Alloy

304 304L 316 316L Other

Head Design

Top Head Dished Center Bridge and Cover Two Piece Cover
Advise Other
Bottom Head Dished   Coned   Flat Pitched
Advise Other

Product Data

Specific Gravity
Describe Other Characteristics


Describe Agitation Duty
Special Requirements: (voltage, explosion-proof motor, Bakery Industry Sanitation Standards Committee design, variable speed, NEMA rating, CIPA-H, baffle, special seal, etc.)

Heat Transfer Surface

PSIG Internal Pressure
PSIG External Pressure (vacuum)
ASME Stamped Yes No
Duty Entire area available Sidewall Bottom
Hold At deg.F. with deg.F. Media
Heat/cool and hold from
deg.F. to deg.F. in hrs with deg.F. Media


Yes No As required by design


Top Head Yes No As Required by design
Sidewall Yes No
Bottom Head Yes No
Specify type and thickness, if critical

Outer Jacket

Stainless Steel Mild Steel
Bottom Sheathing Flat Dished Coned

Lift Lugs

Yes No As Required by design

Support Design

Ball Feet Flat Pads
Adjustable Yes No
Casters Brakes Yes No Side Lugs Skirt
Material Mild Steel Stainless Steel
Seismic Zone Outlet Height


Product Contact
Sheets Welds
Top Head Welds
Sidewall Welds
Bottom Welds
Legs Welds


Location Top Side
Special Requirements (critical size, steam sealed, lift assist, Special Gasket, CIP baffle, etc.)

Vent or Vent Connection

Standard Screen and Cap
Connection Only Size     Type
Special Requirements: (vent filter, silo type lines, Tri-Clover vacuum breaker, nitrogen blanket, CIP interlock, insulation and heat tapes, etc.)


Size Type


Indicating No. Type
Recording No. Type

Level Indicator

Shell Only
Location Type
Balance of System by

CIP Fixture

Inlet Tube Welded in Removable
Connection Only Size     Type

Rupture Disc

Size Type

Inlets and Other Nozzles

No. Size Type Location

Ladder and Platform

Yes No


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