VARO Horizontal Processing TankThe VARO Horizontal Processing Tank (HPT) makes it easy and affordable to deliver natural, flavorful product without costly loss from evaporation.

Designed by VARO and manufactured by DCI in the USA, the VARO HPT features a unique agitator coil design that doubles the heating/cooling surface to significantly reduce production time. This unique design allows for more contact with your product to heat or cool more quickly and uniformly while being gently mixed to keep the shape and structure of the product intact. The optional aroma recovery unit recycles lost flavors back into your product, eliminating the need for artificial additives.

Efficient Mixing Meets Quick Processing

  • Gentle and uniform mixing: Maintain uniform heating or cooling inside and out with coil agitator and outside jacket.
  • Quick processing time: Significantly cut production time compared to traditional processing tanks.
  • Flexible to your specific needs: Available in both sanitary and aseptic versions.
  • Eliminate product burns: Efficient rotating peak scrapers system ensure consistent mixing
  • Load and unload with ease: Vacuum loading and discharging and weighing load cell system.
  • Retain natural flavors and colors: Maintain natural product qualities with aseptic and aroma recovery units.
  • Stay on schedule: Quick and easy cleaning with the five-step CIP system.

VARO Horizontal Processing TankDesigned to Work With Your Workflow

The VARO HPT is controlled with a touch screen PLC system for batch changes and programming. Cleaning is easy with the built-in, easy-to-use five-step tank clean in place (CIP) system. This efficient CIP system keeps you prepared and on schedule. The VARO HPT is available in 500 liter (test tank), 1,200 liter and 2,500 liter capacities.

We will design a specific system for your needs or provide a system that will integrate with your existing production. Custom-made turnkey solutions are also available for your unique production needs.

Download our Aspetic VARO Brochure here: VARO Aseptic Brochure.

Contact us, visit the VARO Website, or download our Horizontal Processing Tanks brochure and Technology Guide for more information.

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