Integrated Systems

SkidDesigning specialized equipment for various industries requires a careful attention to detail and an understanding of the purpose of each piece. Our years of manufacturing experience makes us uniquely qualified to design, engineer, and build integrated process systems with unsurpassed quality. From process vessels and piping to agitation and controls, we’ll engineer solutions that work for your needs in your industry to meet demanding and critical process requirements.

Project Management Solutions

From the initial piping and instrumentation diagrams to the final design, we use 3-D modeling to design your system to your exact project specifications, budget limitations, and code and industry requirements. We’ll plan each step to help ensure your project is on time and on budget.

Quality Management Solutions

BoroscopeWe meet all applicable regulatory and industry codes and standards including:

  • ASME B31.3
  • ASME B&PV Code Section VIII
  • cGMP CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Full CE Certification
  • ANSI
  • ASTM
  • UL
  • PED

Our engineering and quality team makes sure your systems comply with industry and your standards. We provide:

  • Positive Material Identification (PMI) and incoming inspection on all wetted parts
  • Borescope inspection (including video, if requested)
  • Equipment Data Sheets
  • Weld map, electrical wiring diagrams, and panel fabrication drawings
  • Slope and P&ID verification
  • Valve and instrument lists
  • Pre-FAT testing including hydrotesting, surface finish verification, drainage tests, and CIP coverage tests
  • Full comprehensive documentation package

Advanced Controls

Control PanelOur controls team of qualified technicians provide the custom controls (cGMP CFR Part 11 Compliant) your project needs using the latest technology, including:

  • Allen-Bradley Compact Logix®
  • Allen-Bradley Panelview®
  • Allen-Bradley Panelview Plus®
  • Siemens
  • Rockwell
  • Others upon request

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