Dynamixer ProcessorDynamixer Processor

The Dynamixer Processor combines all the features of the Dynamixer high speed mixer with the benefits of a cone-bottom processing tank. It can perform three separate process functions all in the same tank. Mixing dry or semi-solids into a liquid, chopping or chipping solids, and heating and/or cooling the mixed batch. Ingredients are mixed or chopped with the base product through a liquid vortex created by the high speed impeller or chopping blade located in the bottom cone of the tank.

  • Top-entry side and bottom scraper blade agitator scrapes sidewall and cone heat transfer surface for consistent mixing.
  • Heat exchange surface and insulation are available for cooking and cooling products.
  • Adjustable and removable baffle controls product rotation for better mixing and heat exchange.

The Right Angle Drive Advantage

Our unique right angle drive mounting insures product consistency from batch to batch and allows you to use standard frame motors, which are more economical than vertical shaft “pancake” type motors. Right angle drives also operate more quietly and with less vibration to reduce drive component wear and alignment problems. Because the drive is away from the bottom of the tank, cleaning and inspecting are easy. Save money and increase efficiency with right angle drive mounting on your Dynamixer Processor.