Components and Parts

DCI produces components for a number of other original equipment manufacturers in addition to supplying them on our own tanks/vessels. Our components are engineered and fabricated using the same quality standards found in all DCI products, delivered with the promise of service, support, and customer satisfaction!

Contact our Parts/OEM Department for assistance on your next project at (320) 252-8200.

Our top-selling components/accessories include:

  • Tube Bundles 
    • These can be heat exchangers or evaporator arrays inside the cylinder of evaporators.
  • Mixers and Agitators

As a single-source manufacturer, DCI offers a complete tank and mixing system with optional controls, plus factory test runs. Learn more about our line of PharMix® agitators and single campaign systems or download our Clean-In-Place Agitator brochure.

  • Agitator Types
    • Guarded-cage turbine 
    • Propeller 
    • Radial turbine 
    • Axial turbine 
    • Squirrel cage 
    • Rushton turbine 
    • Disperser 
    • Bottom & side sweep 
    • Bottom & side scraper
  • Spray Fixtures (CIP devices/Sprayballs)
    • DCI specially designs and fabricates sprayballs and fixtures for your application.
    • Our custom-designed and built CIP system includes a PLC for automatic control of flow, pressure, and temperature. Download Components brochure and learn more about CIP Pre-Validation assistance found in Engineering QA.

Lift Assists

Lift AssistOur piston-style assist solutions are dramatically superior to torsion spring-style lifts. Conversion kits are available and we can field modify existing tanks from spring to piston without requiring an ASME hydro or R stamp.

  • PharmAssist Lift Assists are ideal for safe manway lifting. The compact sealed piston design features a stainless steel construction and FDA-approved busing and gaskets. Available in horizontal or vertical mounts for any size manway.
  • Standard Horizontal Mount Lift Assists are adjustable for any size manway. The stainless steel design is compact and easy to clean.
  • Vertical Mount Open/Close Assists are made for vessels with a flanged top head. The compact design eliminates interference and safety concerns.

Cylinders / Shells

CylindersRolled shells are available in various alloys with or without heat-transfer surface to meet your specifications. Half-pipe and plug-welded dimpled jacket heat-transfer surfaces provide efficient and uniform heating or cooling through single- or multi-zone controlled flows. All of our heat-transfer surfaces are manufactured, tested, inspected, and code stamped to ASME standards.

Download Components brochure.

Heat-transfer Surfaces

DCI offers a variety of heat-transfer surfaces:

  • Plug Welded Dimple Jacket available in AF (Ammonia-Freon) or WG (Water Glycol) styles
  • Laser Welded Heat-transfer surface
  • Half-Pipe Jacket

Download Heat-transfer Surfaces brochure.

Manway Assemblies

DCI offers Pressure/Vacuum or Atmospheric design manways with a variety of gasket materials. They are available in top or side-entering designs. We engineer each manway with superior sanitary performance in mind for ASME BPE certification or 3A standards. Our manways feature a solid one-inch-thick frame for protection against weld distortion and large cross section O-rings for a secure fit. 

Download Components brochure, PV-1000 Manways or Wing Nut brochure.

Metal Stamping

Metal StampingDCI can meet your specific stamping needs with our 3,000-ton hydraulic hydroforming press. DCI's computer-controlled press has data acquisition that uses a high-pressure liquid to hydroform materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and special alloys. We specialize in:

  • Custom shapes and blanks
  • Progressive-die stamping
  • Heavy-gauge materials
  • Deep-draw capabilities

Spray Fixtures

Spray FixturesOur upward spray cleaning system with internal vent lines performs all clean-in-place (CIP) operations without requiring access to the top of the tank. The compact design saves space and doesn’t need to be removed between CIP cycles. We also offer onsite testing to meet your unique CIP challenges.

Tank Heads

DCI offers tank heads (also called lids, caps, or covers) in alloys including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Hastelloy®
  • Inconel®
  • Aluminum 

Designs available include flanged and dished; 80/10; 2:1 elliptical; flat flanged; and conical.
In 2000, DCI completed construction of a new 8,640-square-foot Head Press facility at its St. Cloud manufacturing plant.

Tank HeadsDCI's new press and inflation system produces hydroformed flanged and dished heads in capacities and specifications ranging from 16-gauge sheet through 3/8" plate material and sizes ranging from 12" through 156" diameter.

Our heads are designed and fabricated using unique customer specifications. Each customer-built head is manufactured meeting customer standards and specifications to ensure quality and commitment to DCI's clients.

Download Components brochure. For more information on Head Forming Processes, Head Types Available, and other information on DCI heads, download Technical Documents

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