Technical Documents

Agitator Hollow Shaft Unit Disassembly Instructions (X-7085-0)
DCI bulletin that describes the necessary steps needed to disassemble a DCI agitator for maintenance or repair.

Alloys used by DCI (X-7196-0)
DCI bulletin that describes the alloys that we use in our products.

CIP Information for Overflow Type Silo Tanks (002451)
DCI drawing which shows the CIP lines of an alcove assembly on a overflow type silo tank.

CIP Line Instructions (120002)
DCI drawing showing CIP line instructions for an agitator on a standard type silo.

DCI Bolt Torque
A DCI recommended chart to help avoid reduced equipment service life, or damage and failure.

Dimple Jacket Thermal Shock Policy (X-7141-1)
DCI policy on Dimple Jacket Shock heating or cooling.

Positive Material Identification
A one page bulletin outlining DCI's PMI (Positive Material Identification) procedure.

DCI Standard Documentation Package
List of standard enclosures in Documentation for DCI tanks.

DCI Surface Finish Definitions (F0074)
DCI form which shows surface finish definitions including Ra values as compared to other finish descriptions and designations.

Thermoplastic Over - Mold Wingnut with Metal Insert Design

Heat Transfer Surface Designs

Stainless Steel for Tank and Vessel Thermal Dimple Jackets

Silo Level Calibration

Green Choice - Stainless Steel

Green Choice - Polyethylene vs PVC Protection Film


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