Expert manufacturing and consistent quality control result in pharmaceutical product perfection, the foundation of DCI's superior reputation. At DCI, we continue to deliver solutions to meet the most demanding and critical process requirements. All our vessels feature:

  • PMI source-material certification
  • Full drainability
  • Integrated CIP/SIP systems
  • Intense quality testing

Our well-earned reputation for industry knowledge, technological aptitude, and general product excellence lends confidence to pharmaceutical customers faced with very specific, often non-standard specifications. We approach every project with the experience, diligence, and craftsmanship indicative of the DCI name.

When it comes to handling high-value pharmaceutical products, we know it’s critical to use the best-possible quality vessels. By using superior materials, precise engineering, and unmatched quality controls, we are proud to offer sterile operations, integrated systems, and simple controls, for every custom pharmaceutical need.

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Pharmaceutical Solutions

Storage Vessels / Processing Equipment

We take every aspect of your project into consideration to deliver the highest-quality vessels available. We’re uniquely qualified to design, fabricate and manufacture storage and processing vessels for any application, including pharmaceuticals. We consider every detail, including volume, pressure rating, corrosion resistance, temperature maintenance, and sanitary components.


Our PharMix top-entering agitators lead the industry in performance and cleanability. Our stainless steel drives are available in direct, parallel, and right angles with unlimited impeller choices and clamp-on, tri-clamp, and flange-mounting options. Our agitation systems and custom technologies allow for scraped surface, sweep, counter rotating, and high-shear mixing. All of our agitators are designed for easy assembly and disassembly.

Our technology allows you to control the agitation process with precision.

Single Campaign

Our PharMix SC (Single Campaign) System provides rapid, efficient mixing for reduced batch times in a scalable, single-use poly film mixing BioContainer (50-1000L). Save time, improve efficiency, and streamline cleaning with the PharMix SC System. From complex to simple, we’ll design a system for your specific application.

Vial Stopper Washer

Our Vial Stopper Washer is designed to efficiently wash stoppers and caps without any moving parts. It uses carefully controlled air movement to suspend stoppers during the washing process. Electropolished stainless steel makes the unit easy to clean and the removable internal and sanitary connections resist corrosion.

Additional Services

DCI Biolafitte: Innovative Biotechnology Solutions and Support

Our partnership with engineering group Pierre Guerin Technologies provides you with industry-leading knowledge and expertise for design and production of biotechnology equipment. From benchtop units to industrial-scale systems, our full-service approach ensures your expectations are met for the entire project and ongoing support.

Value-Added Solutions

We’ll customize any piece of equipment to your exact specifications. Get the most out of your equipment with value-added solutions and services:

Site Fabrication and Field Service

We’ll bring the highest skill levels and latest technology right to your site. Our team of experienced field specialists can fabricate of any size vessel up to 1 million gallons and manage the entire project with our own heavy-duty construction equipment. We’ll coordinate our project with your contractors so your existing plant operations and other construction programs can continue without any delay or interruption.