At DCI, we design specialized equipment for the Nutraceutical industry, which requires a diligent attention and an appreciation of each piece’s purpose. With decades of experience, our skilled engineers and fabricators dedicate themselves to every project in order to achieve product perfection.

Our Nutraceutical solutions meet even the most demanding process requirements.

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Nutraceutical Solutions

Storage Vessels / Processing Equipment

Thorough quality planning is what allows us to offer top-quality vessels. Our experience is deep, with years of designing, fabricating, and manufacturing storage and processing vessels for countless applications. In our comprehensive quality process, we deliberately plan every detail, from pressure rating, volume, corrosion resistance, and temperature maintenance, to alloy of construction and sanitary components.


Our PharMix top-entering agitators lead the industry in performance and cleanability. With stainless steel drives available in direct, parallel, and right angles, we also offer unlimited impeller choices and three different options for flange mounting: clamp-on, tri-clamp, and flange.

Single Campaign

The PharMix SC (Single Campaign) System features reduced batch times in a scalable, single-use poly film mixing BioContainer (50-1000L). It mixes rapidly and efficiently, and the cleaning process is streamlined. At DCI, we have designed a variety of SC systems that range from very simple to deeply complex. Whatever type of system you need, we will be happy to work with you to determine the best option.

Innovation in Heat-transfer Applications

At DCI, we know the Nutraceutical industry has high standards and requirements. It’s why we’re such a good fit. The heat-transfer solutions we offer – channel, dimple, and half-pipe – are designed to help you meet the high demands of Nutraceutical manufacturers.

Vial Stopper Washer

The most efficient way to wash stoppers and caps is with our Vial Stopper Washer. With no moving parts, it uses controlled air movement to hang up stoppers while they are washed. These stopper washers feature electropolished stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning and removable internal and sanitary connections that resist corrosion.

Additional Services

DCI Biolafitte: Innovative Biotechnology Solutions and Support

Our sister company, Pierre Guerin Technologies, features industry-leading engineers who specialize in top-shelf biotechnology equipment with the DCI-Biolafitte biotech product line. They design and develop everything biotech, from benchtop units to industrial-scale system. Like DCI, they guarantee first-rate service, both during project development and after installation at your facility.

Value-Added Solution

At DCI, we are often called upon to customize a specific piece of equipment to exact specifications. We are happy to help you get the most out of your equipment. Some of our value-added solutions and services include:

Site Fabrication and Field Service

You’ll never have to go it alone – we’ll send a highly skilled technician right to your facility. We employ only the best and brightest field specialists to come to you and fabricate vessels up to 1 million gallons. They even bring their own heavy-duty construction equipment, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We often coordinate the project with onsite contractors, ensuring your existing operations and programs can continue with no delays.