Food, Dairy, Beverage

Food, Dairy, Beverage

DCI originated as a supplier to the dairy industry, and continues to serve food and dairy operations of all sizes. Whether you need to store, cool, heat, blend, mix, or process, our outstanding craftsmanship and proven product performance are evident from silo type tanks to the DCI Dynamixer Processor. The quality of our products ensures the integrity of yours.

DCI's beverage storage and processing tanks, including a full range of micro-brewery equipment, are engineered with many years of industry expertise. Unsurpassed product quality and commitment to customer understanding are driving forces of the DCI reputation. Whether you need to store, cool, heat, blend, mix, or process, we make sure that the quality of our products ensures the integrity of yours.

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Food, Dairy, Beverage

Food, Dairy, Beverage Products

Dual-Agitated Mix Tanks

Our dual-agitated tanks are ultra-efficient for high-viscosity products that require rapid mixing and uniform heating and/or cooling. From dissolving and dispersing to mixing and blending, our tanks provide continuous agitation in two areas to ensure proper mixing.

Silo Tanks

Our silo tanks transform unused space into high-volume storage. Each tank is designed with advanced alcove assemblies and horizontal or vertical agitator assemblies. Optional dimple jacketing and laser-welded heat-transfer surfaces are available to ensure uniform heating or cooling.

Round Horizontal Storage Tanks

Our insulated round horizontal tanks are designed to deliver the best in sanitation and mixing. Tanks include advanced agitation to ensure a thorough blend of contents and are customized to your specific needs.

Crystallizer Tanks

Our crystallizer tanks are designed to maintain uniform temperature and solids consistency throughout the tank. Each tank contains a side- and bottom-sweep agitation system to ensure a high yield and uniform crystal size.

  • 2,000 to 20,000 gallon capacities
  • Effective agitation systems with vertical baffle
  • Designed to maintain uniform temperatures and solids consistency throughout entire tank
  • Controllable crystal sizes obtained by side and bottom sweep agitator

Dynamixer and Dynamixer Processor

The Dynamixer mixes dry solids, semi-solids, or liquids into a slurry or liquid product. Our Dynamixer Processor combines these features with the benefits of a cone button processing tank to perform three functions in one tank (mix dry or semisolids into liquid, chop/chip solids, and heat and/or cool the mixed batch).

Stainless Steel Processors

Our cone-bottom and flat-bottom processors have pressure walls to provide high-velocity baffle-controlled turbulent flow for uniform heating and cooling. The design accommodates partial batches with a variety of agitator types to eliminate dismantling assemblies or couplings in the product zones:

  • Bottom sweep
  • Bottom and side sweep
  • Scraper combinations
  • Propeller type
  • Blade axial turbine type
  • Radial turbine type


Our line of brewery tanks and equipment can be designed and manufactured to any capacity for your specific brewing needs:

  • Fermentors
  • Bright beer tanks
  • Hot/cold liquor tanks
  • Mash and lauter tuns
  • Brew kettles
  • Whirlpools

VARO Horizontal Processing Tanks by DCI

The VARO Horizontal Processing Tank (HPT) makes it easy and affordable to deliver natural, flavorful product without costly loss from evaporation. Designed by VARO and manufactured by DCI in the USA, the VARO HPT features a unique agitator coil design that doubles the heating/cooling surface to significantly reduce production time.

This unique design allows for more contact with your product to heat or cool more quickly and uniformly while being gently mixed to keep the shape and structure of the product intact. The optional aroma recovery unit recycles lost flavors back into your product, eliminating the need for artificial additives.

  • Gentle and uniform mixing: Maintain uniform heating or cooling inside and out with coil agitator and outside jacket.
  • Quick processing time: Significantly cut production time compared to traditional processing tanks.
  • Flexible to your specific needs: Available in both sanitary and aseptic versions.
  • Eliminate product burns: Efficient rotating peak scrapers system ensure consistent mixing
  • Load and unload with ease: Vacuum loading and discharging and weighing load cell system.
  • Retain natural flavors and colors: Maintain natural product qualities with aseptic and aroma recovery units.
  • Stay on schedule: Quick and easy cleaning with the five-step CIP system.

Additional Services

PharMix Agitators

Our PharMix top-entering agitators lead the industry in performance and cleanability. Our stainless steel drives are available in direct, parallel, and right angles with unlimited impeller choices and clamp-on, tri-clamp, and flange mounting options. We also offer top-notch agitation systems and custom technologies that include counter rotating, sweep, scraped surface, and high-shear mixing. All of our agitators can be assembled and disassembled quickly, without no tools needed. The cutting-edge technology we use gives you precision process control of the agitation. From simple to complex, our engineers will design a system for your specific application.

Heat-transfer Application Solutions

We offer numerous heat-transfer solution options to help you meet your industry’s requirements. Options include channel, dimple, and half-pipe heat-transfer solutions.

Site Fabrication and Field Service

Bring our skilled craftsmanship and the latest technology right to your site. We’ll collaborate with your contractors to ensure your construction programs and plant operations can continue without interruption.