At DCI, we are proud to serve the cosmetics and personal care industries with bulk storage vessels and equipment for mixing, blending, and batching applications. As needs change, we continue to adapt and develop custom solutions for the ever-changing stainless steel vessels and process tanks. We continue to invest in innovations that will increase the versatility and improve quality. We respect the sensitive nature of the ingredients used in our products and our quality of craftsmanship reflects that.


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Cosmetic Products

Storage Vessels - Round Horizontal and Vertical

We manufacture round horizontal and vertical vessels that turn wasted space into high-volume storage solutions. There are different options available to ensure even heating and cooling and top-notch sanitation.

Blending and Batching Equipment

Our stainless steel batch processing vessels are equipped with the best in agitation capabilities. They feature numerous options, including heat-transfer jackets, pressure design, or atmospheric design. They hold up to 20,000 gallons, with or without refrigeration, and offer a variety of viscosity ranges. Whether you need to mix powders or heavy viscous products, we have the proper equipment for every application. Built to 3A Sanitary Standards, we ensure you can keep your DCI process tanks or vessels free from contaminants.

Because corrosion resistance is a top priority, all of our batching and blending equipment is fabricated with stainless grades 304, 316, 304L, 316L, 317L, and 2101. We can also work with higher alloys, including AL6XN and Hastalloy.

Agitation Technology

At DCI, we offer a wide variety of standard agitation systems and custom technologies, including scraped surface, sweep, counter rotating, and high-shear mixing. Depending on your process, we have a product that will serve your needs. We have designed our agitators to be assembled and disassembled quickly, without tools.

Our agitation solutions prevent your product from settling into the storage tank, which means that product is suspended as you see fit. The technology we use gives you exact process control of the agitation.

Innovative Solutions for Heat-transfer Applications

We design channel, dimple, and half-pipe heat-transfer solutions so we can help you meet the changing needs of the manufacturers in your industry.