At DCI, we design specialized equipment for the chemical industry, paying careful attention to the details that have earned us a reputation as leaders in our field. Our highly trained engineers design and top-quality fabricators take all the steps to ensure your tanks are perfect. Our chemical tanks feature:

  • Stand-alone processing 
  • Excellent storage options
  • Variety of finishes
  • Variety of material grades available
  • Industrial strength



Chemical Solutions

Storage Tanks / Processing Equipment

We manufacture the highest-quality tanks you could ask for. With years of experience, our experts can custom design, fabricate, and manufacture any kind of tanks for storage and processing applications. We diligently make sure the product we develop fits all your requirements and is tested for perfection.


We are proud to offer industry-leading PharMix top-entering agitators. Not only do they perform effectively, but they are also cleanable. They feature stainless steel drives with different angle options, a wide variety of impeller choices, three different mounting options, and a variety of mixing solutions, as well. No matter what your agitation process needs are, we are certain we can develop a product that will serve you well. To save you time and hassles, we designed all our agitators so you can quickly and easily assemble and disassemble them without tools.

By offering a variety of custom options and cutting-edge technology, we are glad to provide you with precise control of your agitation process.

Single Campaign

Our PharMix SC (Single Campaign) System mixes efficiently, which means reduced batch times, by using a scalable, single-use poly film mixing BioContainer (50-1000L). By using the PharMix SC System, you will improve your effectiveness and streamline your cleaning. If you have custom design needs, please ask. We have decades of experience in developing custom solutions for many applications.

Vial Stopper Washer

Our Vial Stopper Washer has no moving parts, so it washes stoppers and caps efficiently. This washer suspends stoppers while they are being washed by using carefully controlled air movement. It features electropolished stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean. Its removable internal connections are corrosion-resistant and sanitary.

Additional Services

DCI Biolafitte: Innovative Biotechnology Solutions and Support

We have partnered with the engineering pros at Pierre Guerin Technologies in France in order to increase our knowledge base and areas of biotechnology equipment expertise. Whether you need benchtop units or full-scope industrial-scale systems, we gladly offer a full-service approach to ensure customer satisfaction through every step of the project.

Value-Added Solutions

Whatever your specifications are, we will gladly customize any piece of equipment to your exact needs. You can order the heat-transfer application that will serve you best, whether you need channel, dimple, or half-pipe solutions. By staying ahead of your needs, we will continue to provide solutions that will help you excel with the manufacturers in your industry.

The following optional value-added solutions and services enable you to get the most out of your equipment:

Site Fabrication and Field Service

No matter where you or what you need, simply call us and we’ll send a team of field service experts right to you. They can fabricate up to 1-million-gallon vessels onsite and will manage the whole project with their own industrial equipment. If you have contractors involved with your project, we’ll be happy to partner with them to ensure your work can continue without delay.