From start-up microbreweries to large breweries, we design and create custom brewing and storage vessels that meet the requirements of any size operation. With sanitary finishes, CIP cleanability, and ASME and API designs, our brewing equipment and vessels can be customized for your brewing process. We are constantly developing new and innovative solutions for heat-transfer applications, so you can choose channel, dimple, and half-pip heat-transfer options that will work best for you. Whatever your needs, we’ll work with your contractor to understand your design requirements and recommend equipment that best serves your brewer’s process and your brewery’s space.

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Our stainless steel tanks and vessels are used in a variety of applications. Here's a video from Summit Brewing Company showing our fermentors being lowered into their new expansion. We make sure your equipment is delivered and installed with the greatest care.


Brewery Products



We fabricate fermentors in any size – from a pilot size to a large field vessel – and any shape – round, square, and rectangular open top – in both atmospheric and pressure/vacuum vessels. Because we custom build each fermentor, we are able to add features, such as cooling and heating media to support your brewing process.

Lagering Tanks

Our stainless steel lagering tanks/vessels give you complete control over batch temperature to reduce by-products of fermentation and to help clarify and mellow your brew.

Bright Beer Tanks

Our single-shell bright beer tanks/vessels can be installed in refrigerated rooms with an exposed heat transfer that also aids in cooling the brewery cellar. Our optional jacketed and insulated bright beer tank/vessels can be installed in unrefrigerated areas to keep your brew at a constant temperature.

Hot/Cold Tanks

We’ll customize any size tank/vessel and provide filtration that adapts to your brewing process. Our flexibility allows us to meet your specific requirements for every tank/vessel.

Mash and Lauter Tuns

We custom fabricate mash and lauter tuns that efficiently separate mash from wort. Our unique design provides a more complete extraction of the sugars from the grain.

Brew Kettles

Our brew kettles use “plug welded” heat-transfer surfaces capable of using hot water and steam to slowly bring wort to a boil. Our kettles can be furnished with sanitary ports for both in-process and dry hop addition, and the sanitary mechanical finish on the interior of our brew kettles enhances vessel cleanability.


We custom fabricate any size whirlpool to efficiently mix and oxidize wort to meet your exact brewing specifications. Our multiple-function design accommodates your brewery’s specific process flow and capacity.

Round Horizontal and Vertical Storage Vessels

Our round horizontal and vertical storage vessels transform unused space into high-volume storage. Designed to deliver the best in sanitation, our vessels can be outfitted with optional dimple jacketing or laser-welded heat-transfer surface to ensure uniform heating or cooling.

Additional Services

Aftermarket Service and Support

Customize and maintain your brewery equipment with additional agitators, components, and replacement parts. Our field service technicians provide prompt service for modifications and repairs on all brands of brewing equipment. We’re proud to be ASME “R” certified for modifying and repairing pressure-vacuum vessels of all sizes and brands.


Site Fabrication and Field Service

What could be easier than bringing experts right to your worksite? We can deploy our skilled field specialists right to your site – with their own heavy equipment – to fabricate any size vessel (up to 1 million gallons). We will gladly work with your contractors so that you can continue to operate without interruption.