Our History


DCI was established in 1955 as Dairy Craft, Inc., producing stainless steel storage tanks for the dairy industry. By 1969, the company had outgrown its original production facility in Holdingford, Minnesota and moved the operation to its present location in St. Cloud, Minnesota, which includes a 101,000 square-foot production facility and corporate offices.

Below is a message from Carl Nielsen, retired and founding President of DCI, Inc.

“DCI began on a cold winter day in 1955 when Carl Nielsen, who was then the equipment sales manager for Owatonna Creamery Supplies Co., was visiting with Fred and Richard Konsor, who owned Konsor Brothers’ Welding and Machine Shop in Holdingford, Minnesota. The three discussed orders the that Carl had placed with the Konsors for producing stainless steel storage tanks.

During the conversation, Carl suggested that it might be worthwhile to investigate the possibilities of forming a new corporation for the manufacturing of stainless steel equipment for the dairy industry. Fred and Richard were receptive to the idea, so Carl resigned his position at Owatonna Creamery Supplies Co., borrowed money from friends to invest in the new company, and brought in investors, along with Fred and Richard, who agreed to invest their equipment and talent in this new company called Dairy Craft.

Dairy Craft, Inc., started operations on May 1, 1955, in a vacant farm implement building in Holdingford that was purchased on a contract-for-deed basis. In the ensuing years, two major additions were attached to the building.

DCI Saint CloudIn 1969, having outgrown in the Holdingford plant, DCI moved to its present location in St. Cloud through arrangements made with St. Cloud Opportunities, Inc. and local banks. An addition was built onto the plant in 1974.

The quality stainless steel equipment being made by DCI, Inc., was being purchased by a much wider range of industries than simply dairy. In 1978, it became apparent that the Dairy Craft corporate name was not symbolic of the products and industries being served by the company and the name was changed to DCI, Inc.

Today DCI supplies steel and stainless steel alloy equipment to many industries that require the metal’s long-lasting, corrosion-resistant advantages in processing and storage equipment.

Industries served by DCI include dairies processing milk, cream, ice cream, butter, cheese, yogurt and whey products; breweries and wineries; cosmetics; the beverage industry for processing its products, including storage of sucrose and fructose; and the pharmaceutical industry for processing and storing blood plasma and sterile water, as well as in manufacturing drugs like insulin and interferon. Biotechnology is a relatively fast-growing industry and DCI’s ability to produce fermentors of extremely high quality has placed DCI in the forefront as an equipment supplier.

DCI’s ability to customize its equipment to suit customers’ needs has also opened up a wide range of opportunities for the company.

Quality control and customer satisfaction have been bywords at DCI since its inception. Dedicated performance by DCI employees has played an important role in the company’s growth. Quality at DCI is home to stay!

Thanks for letting us share this bit of DCI history with you.”